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 Codey Rocky 

Catégorie : Les fournisseurs pour la Technologie

Codey Rocky combines hardware with software, allowing children to learn about programming while they play and create. Using mBlock, a software which supports both blocked-based and Python programming, Codey Rocky takes children by their hands and leads them into the world of avant-garde technology with its inbuilt AI and IoT functionalities, giving them a competitive edge in the AI era.



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Catégorie : Les fournisseurs pour la Technologie

L'imprimante 3D made in France MicroDelta Rework


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Catégorie : Les fournisseurs pour la Technologie

Spark off invention with Neuron e-blocks
Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform for STEAM education. It contains dozens of different electronic modules such as LED panels, cameras, sensors, ultrasonic, and motors. Through simple combinations, various creative inventions can be created. With the easy-to-use flow-based programming software, the neuron can be “active” without complex code programming to bring concepts and ideas to life.


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